Beok 3A Water Floor Heating System Smart WIFI Thermostat Central Heating Wiring Centres Hub Controller Actuators for Gas Boiler For Home

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1. Subcontroller thermostat

2. Boiler

3. Electric Thermal Actuators

4. CCT-10——Hub Controller

CCT-10 Hub controller

CCT-10 Hub Controllers is used in water underfloor heating system.

It can control zone valves, or boiler thermostats. As central control unit, it can also control boiler and circulating pump.

According to user’s set temperature, hub controller can control to open or close boiler, circulating pump and electric actuators, to achieve the purpose of comfort and energy consumption saving.

Package list

CCT-10 hub controller *1


1. Due to product upgrades, the CCT-10(NC) hub controller is only used to connect Normally Closed(NC) electric thermal actuators;

The CCT-10(NO) hub controller is only used to connect Normally Opened (NO) electric thermal actuators!

2. This is wired hub controller, the hub and the thermostat and the actuator are all wired.
WiFi means that the thermostat can be controlled by the mobile phone through the APP.

3. CCT-10 has no instructions in the package due to some reasons. Customers in need can download it from this link, thanks for your understandng.

(If you need the manual,please connect us in the store)

Technical Description

Power Supply: 170-240VAC 50\60HZ
Current Load: 3A
Size: 240mm X 110mm X 42mm
Working Temp: -20 - 60 celsius
Storage Temp: -20 - 70 celsius
Color: White


(1) Before installation, removal, cleaning or maintenance of controller, you must cut off the main power, unplug the fuse or
turn off the switch circuit breaker;

(2) You must read the instruction in detail before installing the controller, and strictly operate thermostat accordance to

(3) Controller should be installed by professional engineering company with appropriate safety knowledge;
(4) All wires connections should meet local and national standard;

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Before Use

If you want to debug or check whether the main controller is working properly, you can press and hold the debug key before power on then press power key, while time is delay so you can quickly check the debugging requirements of the function (without operation for 20 minutes debugging function fail).

The DIP switch can adjust the working time required for the delay, according to product indicator position adjustment.


Thermostat is luxurious programmable thermostat with large screen display. It is applied to temperature control of water heating applicance, especially used in Water Floor Underfloor Heating System, such as water valves and actuators .

WIFI type thermostats can be controlled by mobile phone remotely !(Tuya Smart/Smart Life App)

Main Functions and Characteristics

1. Large screen display and touch button
2. Power-off memory function
3. Real-time data save function
4. 5+2 or 6+1or 7days six periods program schedule
5. Anti-freezing function
6. 3 sensor modes can be setting
7. Selectable 80mmx80mm European hidden box.
8. With child lock function

WIFI Thermostat Function
1. Smart Phone Remote Control
2. Can be shared with family members, support multi-person control
3. Voice Control via Alexa,Google and Alice

Technical Description

Power Supply: 100-240V; 50-60Hz
Current Load: ≤3A
Power Consumption: <0.3W
Warranty time : 2 years
External Material: PC+ABS (flame retardant)
Set Temp. Range: 5-60 Celsius
Floor Set Temp. Range: 5-99 Celsius
Accuracy: ±0.5 Celsius
Dimension: 86x86x45mm
Storage Temp.: -5~55Celsius
Certificate: CE/ROHS

Package list

Thermostat * 1
User Manual * 1
Screws * 2
(Don‘t include external sensors(Floor sensor),

M30*1.5 Thermal Electric Actuator

RZ-AN-230 thermal actuator is a two point form switching device which has been tested by TUV. It is usually applied to control radiator, floor heating system or zone valves. It can close the flux of system under the control of room thermostat and otherelectrical switch automatically . This model only can be used as on-off administrator.

Package list

Electric Thermal Actuator *1

Technical Description


Working Voltage:230VAC±10%

Initial Current:About 50MA

Power Consumption:2W

Protection Grade:IP41

Working Journey:3.5~3.6mm

Working Temperature:-20~50

Storage Temperature:-25~60

Security Class:II(Double Insulation)

Cable Length:65cm

Running Time:180seconds (open-closed)

CE Standard:EN60730

Actuator Used to Connect with Manifolds---

Product Advantage

1. Easy to connect with power:
user only needs to reserve main supply in the place of manifold before installation, and directly connect one three-wires cable to
thermostats. So user do not need professional wiring workers;

2. Easy to connect wires: user only needs to connect wires according to wire colors;

3. Easy maintenance after installation: all wires are very clear and neat;

4. To protect boiler or pump:
because hub controller has time delay function, it opens boiler and pump only when water valve is totally opened, and closes boiler when temperature reaches requirements. Time delay to open boiler and pump when heating can realize the purpose of energy-saving;

5. To extend boiler and pump life:
hub controller only start boiler and pump in appropriate temperature, in this way, it will reduce boiler and pump running time, to
extend their working life.

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